I'm Rob van Saaze - 25 year old entrepreneur & independent developer based in the Netherlands.

Fun, vivid and unique interactive experiences are my specialty. Try some of them out here!

I also dabble in graphics design and plenty of code, including what you are looking at right now!

Check out my timeline, or get in touch.

09 SEP

Platforming Engine

Make your own platformer!

A platforming engine that should be everything you need to create your very own platforming game! It has an extensive amount of features such as Jump input buffering and uses clean and commented code, allowing you to easily understand and modify it. This engine is currently compatible with Game Maker Studio 2 only.

Get it here or, watch the video trailer.

05 JUL


Skewed tetris

Ever thought Tetris was too easy? Wished it was more unnecessarily complicated? No? Too bad, because I made this anyway. It's kind of like Tetris, except everything is skewed 45 degrees. Playing this game is surprisingly brain-breaking until it clicks. A fun twist on the tetris experience!

Play it for free here or, watch the video trailer.

04 JUL

MSc Business administration graduate

Innovation management & entrepreneurship specialisation

I obtained my Master's degree diploma at Radboud University this year.

Find out more about Radboud University here.

02 MAR


An extension for Game Maker Studio

Expands GMS instance_nearest functionality by allowing you to get the Nth nearest or furthest instance. Additionally this allows you to find the Nth nearest instance with variable X = 0, where "X" can be any variable, "0" can be any number and "=" can be any operator.

Get it for free here.

30 DEC

Legacy Pack

contains 20 old games

This pack contains 20 games that I "released" before 2017. I no longer find these games to be up to my standards and as such have consolidated them into this pack for you to enjoy instead of listing them seperately. Each game comes with a short text file describing it. Enjoy!

Get it for free here or, watch the video trailer.

16 NOV

Super Amazing Quest

The definitive edition

In this game you play a hero! Someone who can kick ass and save the princess! You are the only one brave enough! Vanquish foes! Destroy evil! Prepare yourself for a super amazing quest of unknown proportions! Or don't.

Play it for free here or, watch the video trailer.

05 JUL


A mindbreaker

Torque is a game of skill and reflex. With funky graphics and a catchy soundtrack Torque is sure to blow your mind! Both because it's so fun and because it's just incredibly hard. It was later featured on the Yoyogames showcase.

Play it for free here or, watch the video trailer.

28 JUN

BSc Business administration graduate

International business administration specialisation

I obtained my Bachelors's degree diploma at Tilburg University this year.

Find out more about Tilburg University here.

27 FEB

Web development

Started with HTML/CSS/JS

At this date I picked up web development and started working on the first blueprint for this very website. If you would like a landing page like mine we can talk about possibilities and rates.

Contact me via mail or send me a tweet.

28 MAR

Save The Planet

A commisioned project for Reventador Games

Save The Planet is an endless arcade game for iOS. I was responsible for the gameplay and menu codebase.

You can find it on the app store.

28 MAR

Viking Zombie Apocalypse

Another commisioned project for Reventador Games

Zombie Viking Apocalypse is an endless runner for iOS. I was responsible for the gameplay and menu codebase.

You can find it on the app store too.

27 AUG

High school graduate

Preparatory scientific education

Achieved the highest variant of secondary level education in the Dutch system.

Find out more about the Dutch system here.

20 JAN

Game development

Started with Game Maker

A long time ago I first discovered Game Maker and started making my very first game. Sadly I never went on to finish it.

Find out more about Game Maker here.